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Foreman Fiber Worx

65 - 66 Mustang Carbon Fiber Radiator Fill Panel

65 - 66 Mustang Carbon Fiber Radiator Fill Panel

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Hood Latch Opening
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Increase your cooling efficiency while looking slick too! These Carbon Fiber Radiator Fill Panels will help prevent cool air from passing up and over your core support, and funnel the fresh air THROUGH your radiator.

Keeping your radiator happy is an awesome benefit, but cleaning up your engine bay's overall fit and finish is an added bonus! Now you can cover that awkward space and hide those horns too.

- 12K Twill Weave Construction

- Stainless Hardware included

** If you select "No Hood Latch Opening" please know that you must still use a hood latch mount, as this is the main fastening point for the panel.

** Due to large tolerances from the Ford assembly lines, and original vs aftermarket sheet metal, the customer is responsible for drilling the outboard mounting holes. 

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