Q: What is resin infusion or VARTM carbon fiber?

A: Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding (VARTM) is the production method we use here at Foreman Fiber Worx. Once we layup the various layers of raw carbon fiber fabric into the mold we put the entire mold under vacuum and draw it down to about 29 in Hg. The vacuum acts as the motive force to then draw resin through the mold, saturating the carbon fabric. Any excess resin is then drawn out of the part, leaving an extremely light and very strong product. 


Q: What do 3K, 6K, and 12K mean?

A: The prefix number represents how many thousands of individual carbon fibers there are in each tow. The tows are then woven together, resulting in the carbon fiber fabric. As expected, the more carbon fibers you have, the thicker and stronger the material can be. Each type of fabric has its own unique qualities that make it useful throughout our product line!


Q: Are my parts going to fade and yellow over time?

A: No! The yellowing you see in lower quality carbon parts is due to poor material choice and cutting corners. Many part manufacturers use a clear gel coat in the mold prior to infusing the carbon fabric. These clear gel coats typically break down over time with consistent UV exposure. Here at Foreman Fiber Worx, we use a high quality 2K Urethane Clear Coat that is applied after the part is cured.


Q: When will I get my parts?

A: We typically do not stock items that are available on our website. To get an estimate on lead times, shoot us an email and we can discuss the timeline! Additionally, we do not accept payment to "bump" your spot up the line.